Just wanted to say thank you to everyone at Paws Here. I have been bringing my black lab, PEPPER, since he was just 2 months….and OH MY HOW HE’S GROWN SO FAR!

Thanks again to the very caring and loving staff, I’m so grateful for your flexible hours and safe and caring environment.

Buonopane Family


We are very pleased with the progress bella has made since joining “Paws Here “.  It is amazing the difference in her.  She isn’t afraid of strangers or other dogs. It’s obvious that your facility is a caring and fun place because Bella can’t wait to get there!. Thanks – Judy

Since opening, Paws Here has been a home away from home for our dogs. We have two golden retrievers. They are extremely active and can certainly get into a lot of trouble when left to their own devices. Since we’re a working family (as most everyone is), sending them to Paws Here has been a lifesaver for us. Our dogs love it there! They have a chance to run and play with other dogs. I never have to worry about them because I know they will be taken care of. We can plan a weekend away or a vacation without guilt because I know my “puppies” will be safe and happy at Paws Here. There’s no guilt because there’s no crates.

Paws Here also offers a great training program which is actually the most successful for us. We have already tried two other places before Paws Here. We would absolutely, positively recommend Paws Here. The owner and staff are experienced, knowledgeable, caring, and devoted to their professions. Rosie and Washburn love to meet new friends. ~ Judy and Danny Federico

We bring out our dog, Abby, to Paws Here for daycare, Wednesday night playgroup, obedience training and overnight stays. Julie and Michelle are wonderful. They truly care about the dogs and we never have to worry when Abby is with them. Most importantly, Abby has a great time when she is at Paws Here. ~ Maureen and Joe Corso

When Shayna (my yellow lab mix) first went to playgroup on Wednesday night, she was a little shy about playing with the whole group. In a short time, she plays very well with all the dogs – thanks to the staff at Paws Here. Now she can’t wait to go back every week! Julie and Michelle make playgroup and enjoyable time for everyone! Also, I now know I have a place to leave my dog overnight and feel very confident about it. I would recommend Paws Here to everyone!

~ Claire and Sherri, Chelsea, Ma

Dear Julie & Michelle

I just want to say thank you so much for all the care and love that you have given to my two bullmastiffs, Bronson & Bridget. Before Bronson came to Paws Here, he was unruly and difficult to walk on a leash. He was also starting to act out in the house when I had to leave him for work. He wasn’t getting enough attention or exercise.

Well that certainly changed once he started going to doggie day care. He is now so excited to go to play days that he won’t come in the house in the morning when he knows I’m leaving for work. He wants to go to see Julie & Michelle and his buddies. When I am getting ready for work, he always gets sad, but the minute I say Let’s go see Julie & Michelle” he leaps off the bed and runs to the door, tail wagging like crazy. We completed the obedience class and his manners have improved immensely. I am no longer afraid to take him for a walk, as I can now be confident that I can control him. Although he is friendly and wouldn’t hurt anyone, he is so big that he scares other people sometimes. He sits and does a long down very well. He waits for me to tell him “OK” before he will approach his food, which is a miracle!!! The obedience classes were great and a lot of fun too. The instructions that you gave out at each class were also very helpful because they explained in detail how to work thedog so that each lesson was easier to teach Bronson. I went on vacation with Bronson in August and took the lessons with me so we could work on them while on vacation and we had so much fun practicing every day. He is a wonderful big boy and he knows that the people at Paws Here love him.

My Bridget, who just started coming to doggie day care, also has a wonderful time playing with the “kids” at doggie day care. We recently lost our other dog, Thea who was Bronson and Bridget’s buddy and stayed home with Bridget when Bronson went to daycare. We are all feeling the loss still, but going to doggie day care has helped Bronson and Bridget and me. Bridget has enjoyed day care and will be coming back again with Bronson.

Thank you for being the caring dog lovers that you are.


Kathy Connolly